Designed For Teachers, Healers, And Coaches To Touch A Larger Audience And Grow Stable Monthly Income!

If you are a Teacher, Healer, Coach, Facilitator, etc., with a gift to share that positively touches people’s lives — and want to be a force for good in the world — you are in the right place! As a community, we are here to assist you in sharing your gifts, touching larger audiences, and growing a stable, predictable income.

Given the post-pandemic world, we are sharing a “clone” of our Membership Platform (for free) with everyone working to raise the consciousness and well-being of our planet.  Our Platform will help you share your gifts more abundantly with the world, although this is not just about touching larger audiences. 

Even as you continue working with clients IN-PERSON and 1-to-1, you do need a Platform to deliver your content and receive recurring payments like a professional. After all, sharing our highest gifts is not sustainable without nurturing “the goose that lays the golden eggs” — YOU!  (Our Step-By-Step Launch Guides explain the importance of this in more detail and how to create your next perfect program.)

As you have seen on this website, our Membership Platform easily handles everything you’re ever likely to need — subscriptions and recurring billing, password-protected member areas, email communications, and modular content delivery.  (Do you already have a Platform to deliver your services? See the last paragraph!)

If you can conceive it, the chances are good that our Platform will do it!  For example, you could create “bonus materials” for your in-person clients.  They will be pleased to access them on your website behind a simple password-protected Members’ Area. You might create a private community for clients and friends.  These materials could also form the basis of a future Group Program that touches many more lives.  If you feel so inspired, with our Platform, you can add extra streams of recurring revenue to your practice that do not depend on filling up the calendar!

Whatever the vision of your perfect practice, now it is possible to focus on what you do best, grow a stable base of recurring income, and share your gifts without limitation!

Our Membership Platform runs on your website/server under your complete control. There are no monthly fees or ongoing costs. Some technical knowledge is required for the installation — for this, we charge a nominal fee if you are not a member of the Enlightened Wealth Mastermind.  Our system will save you a LOT of time, energy, and money getting your foundation in place so you can focus on sharing your gifts!

To learn more, give us a call on +1 815 679 9007 (Option 8) or send us a message.

If you already have a Platform (even an earlier version of ours!), for the same nominal fee we’ll do a “Platform Review” of your website instead. We’ll compare your current setup with the latest version of our Membership Platform. Then we’ll give you a list of recommendations to improve the functionality and cosmetic attractiveness of your existing platform. We will even implement the upgrades on your website when you approve!