Designed for Therapists, Healers, and Teachers to Touch a Larger Audience and Grow A Stable Monthly Income!

Given the post-pandemic world, we are sharing a 'clone' of our Membership Platform with everyone working to raise the consciousness and well-being of our planet. Our Platform not only helps you bring healing to a much larger audience. But also, to transcend the financial growth limitations of time-for-money services. Now it is possible to focus on what you do best, touch a much larger audience, and grow a stable base of recurring income!

The Membership Platform runs on your website/server under your complete control. There are no monthly fees or ongoing costs. Some technical knowledge is required for the installation -- for this, we charge a nominal fee if you are not a member of the Enlightened Wealth Mastermind. To learn more, give us a call on +1 815 679 9007 (Option 8) or send us a message.