"How To Grow Your Recurring Income Base, Get More Clients With Less Work, And Touch A Larger Audience With Your Perfect Program!"

ORIENTATION WORKSHOP #1: What Is The Form Of Your Ideal Next Program?

By the end, you will know the best product or service to launch next… the offering best suited to your unique talents and desired ‘next level’ lifestyle...

ORIENTATION WORKSHOP #2: Create Your Authentic Signature Presentation!

By the end, you will have a high-value workshop for touching unlimited numbers while receiving the highest conversion rates for your program!

ORIENTATION WORKSHOP #3: Create The Outline For Your Impactful Program!

By the end, you will have the perfect structure and compelling offer stack so that your program literally sells itself (even if you have no program yet!)

STEP 1: Prepare For Miracles! Clarify Your Mission & What You’d Like!

Start here by connecting with Higher Power and exploring everything you are here to be, do, or have!

STEP 2: Start Conversations And Ask Prospective Clients For Advice!

Engage with prospective clients and ask questions. Begin generating ideas for messaging and training that serve them!

STEP 3: Set Up Your Membership Website & Technology Platforms!

Back up & protect your website automatically. Deliver your content & receive recurring payments like a pro!

STEP 4: Easily Create Your Next Program & Get The Clients You Want!

Test an idea and get clients quickly, even without a funnel. Invite your warm list to enroll or create a new program with you!

STEP 5: Profile Your Clients, Identify Their Groups & Fill Up Your Perfect Program!

Fill your ideal program with well-matched clients. Grow your warm list, build your community & share the love!

STEP 6. Full Review: Eliminate, Automate, Accentuate, Reinvigorate!

Review all inner and outer results. Eliminate what's not working, automate the legwork & ramp up the positive!