"How To Grow Your Recurring Income Base, Get More Clients With Less Work, And Touch A Larger Audience With Your Perfect Program!"

STEP 1: Prepare For Miracles! Clarify Your Mission & What You’d Like!

Start here by connecting with Higher Power and exploring everything you are here to be, do, or have!

STEP 2: Start Conversations And Ask Prospective Clients For Advice!

Engage with prospective clients and ask questions. Begin generating ideas for messaging and training that serve them!

STEP 3: Set Up Your Membership Website & Technology Platforms!

Back up & protect your website automatically. Deliver your content & receive recurring payments like a pro!

STEP 4: Create Your “Incredible Offer Stack” Value Proposition!

The keystone of your transformation business, lifestyle, and marketing!

STEP 5: Create Your “Warm Campaign” for Signing Up Clients Immediately!

Test the initial concept and get clients quickly, even before building a funnel!

STEP 6: Create & Record a “Signature Presentation” That Gets Clients For You!

Get all the high-ticket clients you want on auto-pilot! (And, create rapport and trust in-person with groups of any size!)

STEP 7: Create Your “Magic Bullet” Technique and Lead Magnet (Free Offering!)

Attract larger numbers of prospective clients while building relationships, credibility, and goodwill!